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When you employ Al’s services for advertising voicework you are guaranteed category exclusivity for the agreed duration of the campaign. Al is your voice for your type of business.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed with no charges for services until the client is 100% happy with the job.

Don’t just get your script read – have it related the right way to your clients and customers – at a price which will be equally pleasing.



Voicemail greetings and Options Menus are often your prospective client’s first point of business contact.  You want them to be welcomed and directed to where they need to go warmly and clearly – first impressions do count.

Radio & TV Commercials

Your commercial needs to sell your services and/or products and you’ll achieve this better by using a voiceover artist who knows how to communicate.  Al can also advise on the script itself, if you need assistance.

Video Tutorials

This type of voicework demands a style which talks to someone – not at them.  Knowing the right pace, which words to highlight, when to pause etc. are the things that will add to your listener’s absorption of the information you want them to know.


It’s story-telling and it’s voice-acting.  Good narration comes when the voiceover artist connects emotionally with your script, painting moving pictures in the mind with Audio Tracks, or embellishing  the visuals in Film.