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To Show Myself Or Not To Show Myself: That Is The Question

It’s been a year and then some of my website going live and much has been learned; like the need to work the SEO (which I’ve been sadly lacking in doing), and adding regular content (which I’ve been sadly lacking in doing too).

I never was one for believing all I had to do was get a good-looking website up and the money would come rolling in.  Far from it.  But I am, no doubt, one of the millions around the world who aren’t putting the effort in to get the rest of their site.

More fools us.

So, here I go, actually adding content.  I hope Google appreciates it and rewards me.

When I first gave my brief to Amanda at Slightly Different, I stipulated no images of myself.  My reasoning was I didn’t want my face to influence the perception of my voice.   I just wanted any judgement to be of my vocal abilities, uninfluenced by how I look.  I am very aware of how looks affect how we perceive people and didn’t want that to be a factor.

Since then however, a number of people have asked why there are no pics of me – and told me I should “show my face”.

In looking at other’s Voicework Websites, I see many have images of the artist, but some are like me; pictorially anonymous.

Of course, anyone wanting to know what I look like could easily find something online with a simple search – and how flattered would I be for them to go to such trouble!

But the question now hovers:  Should I upload some – even one – images of myself?

Will it enhance my site?

Do images of hosts make their sites more personable and increase the likelihood of business coming through?  That is after all, in my case, the reason I have the site.

Considered thoughts and comments are welcome.  Feel free to email me.  At the very least it will show activity on this page and Google will like me even more.

By the way, Google has never told me I need to post a pic!



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